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Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

#1 Anxiety is Genetically Based Scientific studies have shown that over 90% of people who suffer from anxiety symptoms, have a genetic variation. Although, at this time it is hard to believe, in reality, it is a very good genetic variation. And Anxiety, for all but a small percentage, is NOT a mental illness.

#2 Genetics Causes Your Body to Over-Respond to Stress This genetic variation predisposes your body to “over-respond chemically” to stress. The excessive response uses up and forces out nutrients in conflict with the fight or flight response and unbalances additional body systems. Without compensating for the depletion and rebalancing, it becomes virtually impossible for your body to get and stay calm.

#3 Anxiety Symptoms Result You have been diagnosed with Anxiety or Panic Attacks, GAD, Nervous Breakdown, Agoraphobia and/or Related Depression (preceded by or concurrent to anxiety). List of possible symptoms?

#4 Control Your Anxiety Symptoms You must learn what is happening, why it is happening, and how it is happening in your body. Because of your genetic variation, your body responds differently to stress. And then, by compensating for the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in your body created by your chemical over response to stress, you can learn to control your anxiety symptoms and live a comfortable life again.

Break Free From Anxiety

All products and programs developed by people who have been profoundly affected by anxiety symptoms

PollyS2For over 40 years, Polly was disabled from anxiety symptoms so severe that at times she was unable to walk out her front door. Polly now dedicates her life to helping others control their anxiety symptoms. Read Polly’s Story
RonS2Having watched his wife and son suffer from debilitating anxiety symptoms, Dr. Meyers became a leading expert in treating anxiety disorders and has helped thousands of patients live quality lives again. Dr. Ron Meyers’ bio
JoshSSince age 5 Josh struggled with anxiety. During his 20’s, his anxiety symptoms became so severe, his parents feared for his life. Today he helps others suffering as he once did. Read Josh’s Story

You Can Feel Good Again

 Break Free From Anxiety provides natural products, programs and treatments designed to help you compensate for the loss and imbalance created by your body’s excessive chemical response to stress, helping you gain control over and relief from your anxiety symptoms.

* All Products and Programs Guaranteed guaranteeS2
* Will NOT conflict with any medication or treatment
* Clinically Proven
* Safe and effective for children and adults
* NO harmful side effects

Break Free From Anxiety

 “IN-HOME” Programs, Products, and Services

Clinically Proven • Effective • Drug Free

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Fear Less-Live More
Anxiety Education Audio Course
Break Free Program
Nutrition & Education Program for Recovery
• One on One Coaching
Need extra help with Josh Meyers
• Health Consultations
Have additional health challenges with Dr. Ron
• Emergency Sessions Available
• Ongoing Support

Fear Less-Live More

Understanding Anxiety and Developing a Plan for Your Recovery
7 Session educational anxiety audio course.
Over 4 hours of listening time

fear-less-webAudioSA Must Listen to Course If You Or A Loved One Is Suffering From an Anxiety Disorder Including Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, GAD, Agoraphobia, Exhausted Nerves, Nervous Breakdown, and/or Anxiety Related Depression. The information in Fear Less-Live More can put you years ahead in getting the help you need. Learn More

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield


by Jack Canfield

If you or a loved one suffers from the cruel symptoms of anxiety, Fear Less-Live More should be at the top of your list of resources. New and refreshing information presented by people who have been where you are. The course will help you develop a program for your recovery. Jack Canfield Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles.

guarantee3ONE YEAR Guarantee – Reg. $99 Just $27!


The BreakFree Program

New-BreakFree-photos-138-300x225guaranteeS2BreakFree is a complete supplement and nutrition education program designed specifically to compensate for the nutritional depletion created by your body’s inappropriate chemical response to stress. Once your nutritional gaps are filled and your body balanced, your body is once again able to naturally calm itself. It is a safe, simple, and effective approach for the relief of your anxiety symptoms with no side effects. If will not conflict with any medication and enhances all other forms of treatment you may be on. Learn More

Guarantee – $349



One on One Anxiety Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed and need support?
In a hurry to feel better again?
Want help “Un-Imprinting” your triggers?
A “Must Do” event coming soon?

Josh has been where you are and will design a program just for you.

Josh Meyers

Josh Meyers

Sessions to fit your time and budget

Emergency Sessions available

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Personal Health Consultation

Dr. Ron Meyers


skypeOver thirty years’ experience treating patients with anxiety and internal disorders. Dr. Meyers helps patients recover from, not only anxiety, but the additional illnesses created by the overabundance of the toxic chemistry of stress being present in your body for extended periods of time.

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